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Green Shoots: aka Chester

Chester ran in 2 races, he won taking 1st place once and did not place in the second one. He had chips in his right front ankle and was retired from racing. He is a real easy-going kind of guy; not much phases him. Loves going in the run-in shed to relax and hangout. He is good for the farrier and vet. He can be a little pushy when treats are involved or he at least thinks you should be giving him one as well!! Always curious to see what we are doing when we are out in the field. Very sweet guy!! Loves carrots!!


Sonny's the One: aka Sonny

Sonny ran in 63 races, he won nine in 1st place, seven in 2nd place and 13 in 3rd place. He is very friendly and in-your-pocket. Sonny had no known track injuries, although, Sonny has a bad LF ankle that isn't going to hold up for much riding, so he has retired here to his forever home. He is good for the farrier and vet. He prefers to be outside vs in a stall, free spirit!! Loves carrots!!

Mighty Tuff

Mighty Tuff: aka Teddy

Teddy ran in 10 races, placing in 1st twice and in 2nd once. Once retired, he was never sound under saddle, so he was retired to the sanctuary farm. He is also a real easy going fellow; not much phases him either. He is very friendly and in-your-pocket (mostly begging for treats). He is a cribber. He loves cribbing on vehicles (tailgates, Gator windshields, truck doors when the windows are down) and anything he can get his mouth on! He is good for the farrier and vet, very lovable guy!! Loves carrots!!

Son Of A General

Son of a General: aka General

General ran in 47 races, he won nine in 1st place, seven in 2nd place and twelve in 3rd place. He is an easy-going guy. He loves to relax in the stall like Chester. He is good for the farrier and vet. He fractured his sesamoid bone and is not rideable. He overall has bad feet and needs to be trimmed more often, so farrier needs to come often for him. Loves carrots!!


Zyxt: aka Roo

Roo ran in 16 races, he won one in 1st place and one in 3rd place. He was adopted and ridden for several years before he was diagnosed with Kissing Spine. He is a kind, smart boy. He loves people, dogs and, of course, treats!! He is easy to handle, with excellent ground manners and was a favorite at his previous barn! We are excited to have him here at his forever home!!

Fire Waltz

Fire Waltz: aka Walt

He is the newest addition to REF. He is a registered thoroughbred. He is 6 years old. He raced in 5 races and it was decided racing was not something he truly enjoyed!! He came to our farm October 2019 and was in training and under saddle for dressage/jumping/event, whichever discipline he enjoyed most!! Unbeknownst to us, we discovered he has narcolepsy. After reaching out to his breeding barn, we found out his brother and sister also had narcolepsy. Consequently, he is now part of our sanctuary farm. He loves attention from people and loves to be brushed, petted or just spoken to. He is also very good with our barn cat, Baloo, who thinks he is a horse and wants to be part of the herd. Walt has graciously welcomed Baloo into his little herd!!

Legal Deed

Legal Deed: aka Charlie

Please welcome our newest addition to REF, Legal Deed (AKA Charlie). He is a solid bay, 17 hand Thoroughbred, born January 28, 2010. Charlie had a successful racing career from 2012 to 2015 with three 1st , three 2nd , and four 3rd place finishes in 34 starts. After retiring from racing in the summer of 2015, Charlie began eventing with his previous owner, Dagmar. Eventing could best be described as an equestrian triathlon and can be very taxing both physically and mentally for horse and rider. Charlie was diagnosed with kissing spine in 2018, but continued to train and compete happily and successfully with steroid injections to the affected vertebrae and with the help of bodywork by Equine TLC and REF Owner/Founder Stacie Nichols. However, earlier in 2020, when it became apparent that his back was bothering him again and was affecting his rideability, instead of continuing to push on in a very physically demanding sport, Dagmar decided to send Charlie to REF where he could enjoy some lighter riding and would have a forever home. Charlie will continue to be ridden at the farm in order to keep his mind and his body busy. In addition, he will be put into our core conditioning program. Charlie is a very charismatic horse and a total comedian. He is most definitely a welcome asset to our farm! 

Princess Tiny

Princess Tiny: aka Princess

Please welcome Princess Tiny, aka Princess, she is one of the newest additions to REF. She is a registered thoroughbred, she was born on May 12, 2014 and measures 15 hands tall. Princess raced in 4 races and it was decided racing was not something she truly enjoyed!! Princess came to our farm from Queenstown, MD, on August 31, 2020. She had previously competed in the signature event, The Retired Racehorse Project, The Thoroughbred Makeover and was bought by a spectator who attended that event in 2019. Princess went up for sale again and Stacie purchased her for her own personal horse. They plan to have a long enjoyable relationship together, the sky is the limit with this mare!!


Serenade: aka Sara

Serenade aka (Sara) is a 23-year-old thoroughbred. She was a Champion hunter/jumper; knows dressage and liberty, (Liberty is simply working your horse loose, without ropes or reins.) Sara came to our farm 3 weeks ago. She needed a home and is now on her way to being in a program for Baltimore City children. The after-school program, sponsored by the Schuster Concrete Foundation, provides the students the opportunity to learn proper care of the horse and how to ride. The program provides the students with woodworking and home economic classes as well. This program has been established in 6 other locations in Baltimore/Harford Counties. As the program is getting underway, Sara will stay here and enjoy the green grass and some TLC to help her gain more weight.

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