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Meet The Horses


Green Shoots: aka Chester

Chester ran in 2 races, he won taking 1st place once and did not place in the second one. He had chips in his right front ankle and was retired from racing. He is a real easy-going kind of guy; not much phases him. Loves going in the run-in shed to relax and hangout. He is good for the farrier and vet. He can be a little pushy when treats are involved or he at least thinks you should be giving him one as well!! Always curious to see what we are doing when we are out in the field. Very sweet guy!! Loves carrots!!


Sonny's the One: aka Sonny

Sonny ran in 63 races, he won nine in 1st place, seven in 2nd place and 13 in 3rd place. He is very friendly and in-your-pocket. Sonny had no known track injuries, although, Sonny has a bad LF ankle that isn't going to hold up for much riding, so he has retired here to his forever home. He is good for the farrier and vet. He prefers to be outside vs in a stall, free spirit!! Loves carrots!!

Mighty Tuff

Mighty Tuff: aka Teddy

Teddy ran in 10 races, placing in 1st twice and in 2nd once. Once retired, he was never sound under saddle, so he was retired to the sanctuary farm. He is also a real easy going fellow; not much phases him either. He is very friendly and in-your-pocket (mostly begging for treats). He is a cribber. He loves cribbing on vehicles (tailgates, Gator windshields, truck doors when the windows are down) and anything he can get his mouth on! He is good for the farrier and vet, very lovable guy!! Loves carrots!!

Son Of A General

Son of a General: aka General

General ran in 47 races, he won nine in 1st place, seven in 2nd place and twelve in 3rd place. He is an easy-going guy. He loves to relax in the stall like Chester. He is good for the farrier and vet. He fractured his sesamoid bone and is not rideable. He overall has bad feet and needs to be trimmed more often, so farrier needs to come often for him. Loves carrots!!


Zyxt: aka Roo

Roo ran in 16 races, he won one in 1st place and one in 3rd place. He was adopted and ridden for several years before he was diagnosed with Kissing Spine. He is a kind, smart boy. He loves people, dogs and, of course, treats!! He is easy to handle, with excellent ground manners and was a favorite at his previous barn! We are excited to have him here at his forever home!!

Renaissance Equestrian Foundation (REF)

501 C-3 organization. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, your support keeps us going! Thank You.

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